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Introducing Airpup

Airpup is small for a balloon, because Airpup is a kite balloon. Airpup sips helium and eats high winds. Sign up for Airpup announcements on Crowd Supply.

Detroit Kite Festival

I went to the Detroit Kite Festival with Colleen Donaldson and we had a blast! The organizers pulled off a wonderful and inclusive festival complete with a h...

Detroit Kite Festival aerial photos

While at the Detroit Kite Festival I captured some aerial photos with my Canon S100 running CHDK, installed with STICK. It flew on the always-reliable KAPte...

Cully Park Kite Party report back

On June 30th I held a workshop making Sled kites at the Grand Opening of Cully Park. We made close to 80 kites in 3.5 hours. The design is the Stormy Sled, n...

Cully Park Kite Party

Join a kitemaking and flying party at the Grand Opening of Cully Park in Portland, OR on June 30th, from noon-4pm.