Grassroots Mapping in the Gulf- Long Beach, Mississippi (and Portland, OR)

I threw up a quick link to Grassroots Mapping a few weeks ago, and in the mean time they’re on it!  Check out their latest stitch of Long Beach,


All this with party balloons!


Grassroots Mapping in Portland:

Build Balloons to Map the Gulf!

I’ve been in touch with Jeffrey Warren of Grassroots Mapping about inexpensive balloon designs.  They’ve been playing with trash bags, but were intrigued by tetrahedron balloons and my folding guide.  So here in Portland, OR, I’m going to lead a workshop to build out some tetrahedron balloons for helium and for solar hot air.  We’ll fly the balloons to test them out and then send the equipment down to Grassroots Mapping in the Gulf.

I’ll be one of the speakers at** Research Club** this weekend, Saturday the 19th (11AM-2PM free brunch) about Grassroots Mapping.  Come join me there, or on Saturday, June 26th to build balloons! (Location TBD).