The Alpha Probe Investigates

This is my portfolio site, updated whenever possible to include new work and old stuff I run across. It is a little out of date.
My blog is, and is more comprehensive.
My current work is future toilet systems with the Cloacina Project and civic science with the Public Laboratory .

My resume is here

I'm a 28 year-old professional designer and aeronautical artist looking to expand into the medium of outer space. If you are looking for space colonists with a diversity of skills in design communications, automation, construction, and repair, I am available at 2 weeks notice. If your project is developing skills for space survival (closed nutrient cycles, integrated bio-electronic-mechanical design, small-scale manufacturing) outside of the military/industrial complex please contact me. Also if you have work unrelated to space that may sustain me between now and the construction of a space colony, also contact me.

e-mail: mathew dot lippincott at gmail dot com

These are the things I've been paid for:
small-run manufacturing and machine design, graphic design, rough and finish carpentry, building solar hot air balloons, custom video editing/playback software in Max/Jitter, multimedia installation, statistical analysis, presentation design, copy writing, research and research briefs, videography, video editing, multi-channel video/audio installation, tutoring in math, logic, and writing, computer repair, web design, picking up laundry, swimming lessons, photocopies, data entry, library clerking, walking dogs, baby sitting, and manual labor.

Things I've never been paid for:
live video performances, video loops, plumbing, silversmithing, designing robots, inventing aquatic sports, pneumatic artillery, meandering through as many libraries as I can gain access too, sneaking around.