Made these for fun using 8" TVs on sale in China Town for $10 and overhead projector lenses pulled from the dumpster of a public school. I intended to make my own 3-channel CRT color projector, but it quickly became apparent that they were more fun to stare at directly than to project with. I re-set the v-hold 'till they flickered within Brion Gysin's dream machine's 9-12hz range to create a entraining hypnotic pulse of broadcast television images.

Installed them at the CakeShop on Ludlow in New York during a performance of Under Satan's Sun in October 2006. Got them in there as a one-off re-payed favor when I first moved to New York- No Neck Blues Band (Dave Nuss was also in Under Satan's Sun) stayed at my house in Oberlin, OH. The general audience reaction was favorable but blasé. They were destroyed in our March 2008 house fire.