In the fall of 2007, after a conversation with Hisao Ihara at Harvestworks, I decided to revive a project from 2005, what I dubbed Kuleshov Spaces. The idea, driven by the writings of Lev Kuleshov and Sergei Eisenstein, and the little graph theory I studied in discrete math, was to make non-linear narrative movies possible.

for any collection of video clips, meaning can be derived from a finite number of combinations that can be pictured as a space delineated by the potential of the clips for combination.

that's the rough idea.

Here I experimented with using color as a representational means for narrative trends. For example, red- fighting, blue- love, and green-hate. This program was a test for a live video system I was supposed to put together for Hercules and Love Affair. The project froze when they shifted to a major label. Rashaad Newsome ended up using the program to make a pre-release video for their song Classique, which is viewable on his website. The video was shown at a side show of Miami Basel with Rush Arts Gallery.

In retrospect I find it funny that when I wanted to work in video I never realized how much I detested video editing, I just kept learning more about Jitter and tried to program my way out of using Final Cut, iMovie, or any of those other programs.

The patch (Max/MSP/Jitter 4.5) can be downloaded here. If you want to use it for any reason I will provide complete tech support and installation help free of charge, just e-mail me.

 I always start on paper     
 Screen Grab of the program     
 At Miami Basel with Rush Arts