Where the Summer Calm of Charity Perpetually Reigns
Ted Rees found the term in a book about a turn of the 19th century Cuban orphanage "where the summer calm of charity perpetually reigns." What a wonderful description. We wondered, why does our present language lack such grace in describing places? Describing and naming have reached such a degenerate state that after inventing a whole new set of places (the web), our names are judged by their non-descriptive gruntable memorability-"yahoo" "jib jab."

So a bet ensued. Make a website the complete antithesis of such drivel:

Where the Summer Calm of Charity Perpetually Reigns was supposed to be the beginning of a wide-ranging video presence on the internet. I envisioned two things, the site: www.wherethesummercalmofcharityperpetuallyreigns.com as an experimental internet television working group, and a separate site, WSCCPR dedicated to cataloguing their work into a more mainstream channel. It sounds official. Let those letters slide off your tongue "double ewe ess see see pee arr" and it almost sounds like a TV call sign.

Lots of high concept crap. I threw up a half-finished Wordpress template for 4 at a time videos to spark my friends interest, and within weeks my apartment building burned up. I kept posting occasionally, but the plan kept getting sidelined as I re-ordered my life, half-finished bits of a grand scheme surfacing throughout the year.

But the concept had no legs. In what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-myself crisis precipitated by the fire and the semi-nomadic living that followed, I realized that I don't truly enjoy editing video. It is tolerable to me, but not enjoyable. Why else would I have spent 4 years I could have been shooting and editing instead reading about film theory and trying to program semi-automated video editing software?

So this website has been limping along since last fall as a burden from which I wanted to move on, focusing instead on design and putting high concept bullshit behind me. I have a new site, headfullofair.com that will be about my design work, thinking, and balloons. It's just a template I found on the internet with absolutely nothing special about it. Thank God.