kite balloon futures and histories

To follow on my love of kite balloons, and the kite balloon action at the grassroots mapping list.  here are a few awesome kite balloon histories.

Open Hardware Summit Notes

Met and ran into fellow grassroots mapping folks Bonny Gregory and Cesar Harada, and my old roommate Isaac Ravishankara.

Solar Blimp to Cross English Channel

While I’m preparing for a workshop where we’ll build some solar hot-air balloons, a very different solar aerostat, running of photovoltaics, is set to cross ...

No/Low Tech Magazine

Kris de Decker produces some of the most insightful and well-researched articles on technology anywhere on the internet.  He has a simple premise- novel “hig...

Airship Profile Simulator

over at AirshipWorld, Andreas has created a new version of his airship profile simulator.  It’s only good for rotationally symetrical pressurized envelopes (...