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September 20th, 2011

Mutoscope for Fernando, on the SIP Blog

My work for the Public Laboratory is partially funded by a grant from the Shpilman Institute for Photography, who’ve featured my Mutoscope on their blog.  Great images I haven’t posted here.





March 7th, 2011

Reed Arts Week

The talk and workshop went great. I was too busy to photograph the flights, but will get photos soon.  Su Liu came up with a great double-layer heat seaming strategy for her tetrahedron balloon- it was fast and quick:
Su Liu launching with a hair dryer

March 2nd, 2011

Help Protei! Autonomous, oil-sopping sailbots

This is a project I whole heartedly support. Cesar Harada has put together an incredible team, and with a little money it is going to happen.

“We are developing Protei : a low-cost open-source oil collecting robot that autonomously sails upwind, intercepting oil sheens going downwind. Protei combines conventional technologies in an innovative design that we can implement in the short term to address timely environmental crisis.”


February 28th, 2011

Reed Arts Week, RAW: Geographies

I’m proud to be participating in Reed’s Art Week. I’ll be giving a lecture and demonstration of aerospace in the arts and Grassroots Mapping tools on Saturday, March 5 @ Noon. Location is still TBA. At the Gray Campus Center room C. There will be complementary supplies and instructions for building your own solar hot air balloon.

Essentially this kit, minus the expensive stuff (wind speed meter, infrared thermometer).
solar balloon building and flying kit


Come for balloons, stay for Francis Alÿs

At 4pm Saturday there will be a showing of Francis Alÿs’s When Faith Moves Mountains, and other works.  Of course, you could watch his work on your computer, but get out and enjoy the cinema!
Francis Alÿs, “When Faith Moves Mountains” (2002). from Daily Serving on Vimeo.

October 1st, 2010

October 25, Natalie Jeremijenko in Portland, OR


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