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December 19th, 2011

1st Transcontinental & 1st Trans-Atlantic Balloon Overflight- California Near Space

I’m not up on my balloon news! posted here for the purpose of completeness.  California Near Space  was already slashdotted four days ago.

Amazing, they beat the White Star team and Robert Rochte, who threwdown on transatlantic ballooning earlier in the year with his SDG-10, which appears to still be grounded.

White Star’s not working with off the shelf balloons though– they’ve got a bigger goal: DIY  tropospheric superpressure balloons.  these will be capable of multi-week flights, if successfully built.  Dan Bowen’s talk– Jump to 3:30 into this talk, and see the superpressure tetroon discussion.  5:40, discussion of Rochte’s designs.











September 24th, 2010

kite balloon construction ideas with boston folks

Sketch of an elliptical kite balloon like the Allsopp Helikite constructed with a rolling heat sealer (on left).

Jeffrey Warren and I discussed these kite balloon designs when I was at his studio.  Southern Balloon Works, where a lot of spherical Grassroots Mapping balloons come from, makes a similar kite balloon with a drag rather than lift structure for stability. John Borden of Peace River Sudios loaned me the roller sealer. I showed Jeffrey, he found one for sale at retail, and Dan Beavers found an online store that sells roller sealers.

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