grassroots mapping

rubber band and PET bottle camera rig

The PET bottle rig has two components– the modified bottle and a rubber band harness for the inside. Small construction details differ for phones, small cam...

Reed Arts Week, RAW: Geographies

I’m proud to be participating in Reed’s Art Week. I’ll be giving** a lecture and demonstration of aerospace in the arts and Grassroots Mapping tools on Satur...

kite balloon futures and histories

To follow on my love of kite balloons, and the kite balloon action at the grassroots mapping list.  here are a few awesome kite balloon histories.

Open Hardware Summit Notes

Met and ran into fellow grassroots mapping folks Bonny Gregory and Cesar Harada, and my old roommate Isaac Ravishankara.

Grassroots Mapping PDX: test conclusions

With help from my Dad, RJ Steinert, Samantha Mitchell, Robby Kraft, and Molly Danielsson, I’ve been flying balloons most weekends since the workshop in June,...

warhol while you wait

I’ll have photos and videos from Grassroots Mapping up soon, Special thanks to Dustin Zemel for documenting.

Today went great

Thanks Sabrina Lindsey & Molly for bringing food, Dustin & Jane for documenting, Robby, Anna, Wade, Tuuli, Joel, Samantha, Dennis, & Scott for ma...

Helium Dispersion Through HDPE

In conversations on the Grassroots Mapping google group we’ve been wondering how long a homemade Polyethylene helium balloon could stay aloft.  At what rate ...