Mutoscope Finishing & Miniaturizing

Between coats of paint and sealer, waiting for the last epoxy bonds to take hold, and tweaking the Mutoscope’s tripod I’ve played around with small mutoscope reels.  Last year I tried making one out of paper with a craft knife, but the accuracy of a knife and flimsiness of paper got the better of me.

Failed paper mutoscope, May 2008

Now, with the help of Matt, and Raphael, and especially Kelly at NYC Resistor‘s craft night I cut a 500-card capacity hub based on the original dimensions of the Kinora. Wonderfully meta: the Kinora hub is laser cut out of spare Mutoscope cards.  A miniature mutoscope manufactured from a super-sized one.  If I can dig up the material and machine time I’ll cut enough cards to fill it.  ** Or you could make your own (here’s the .ai file).**

Kinora hub and cards made from mutoscope cards

Two cards (of 500)

tiny crap sketch of how case for Kinora reel