Other Mutoscopes + Micro Movie Projectors!

Two other people making mutoscopes:

The Process Enacted Mutoscope uses over 900 Polaroids, and is finished elegantly, but runs in spits.  One immediate refinement I’d suggest is to change the gearing.  It looks like it’s geared 1:1 or 2:1. I bet if they geared down the crank 20:1 or more the flipping of the cards would be much smoother. A worm drive is nearly ubiquitous amongst classic mutoscopes.
Sergey Gavrilenko, Director of the Museum of the History of the Development of the World Cinemagraphic Technology in Kiev, Ukraine, contacted me about his superb mutoscope, a historical reproduction similar to this one in the Eastman Collection.  More impressive than his mutoscope are his** functioning miniature film projectors**.   I wish there was a video of them running.  Movies on microfilm are another Atomic Age sci-fi dream dashed by magnetic storage.

Look for miniature projectors starting at 1:57 in this video