Quick Links

I’ve been very busy with a trans-continental move and more… So I’m going to try to just post links regularly, rather than longer things.

Via Robert Fortner, who I met at Research Club: proto SMS for pilots, you can listen in.

Arduinos in the Upper Atmosphere, the trans-Atlantic** Atlantic Halo **they’re launching a test balloon soon if you’re in France/UK, help’em out! via Balloon-Sked:

Launch Date: 13/2/10
Launch Time: 15:00UTC
Launch Site: EARS, Cambridgeshire, UK (52.2511, -0.0927)
Payload: ATmega328 with Arduino bootloader on custom PCB, Radiometrix
NTX2 10mW 434.075Mhz radio, Lassen IQ radio, 3x DS18B20 Temp Sensors,
Photocell, Williamson peristaltic pump and 500ml ballast tank (ballast
= ethanol/methanol)
Balloon: 1500g He, pinhole (1.5mm) vent -> aim for float @ ~20km altitude