Grassroots Mapping PDX: Taping up balloons

I’ve finally collected and edited the workshop’s videos and instructions:

**Taping Instructions

Follow the first two pages of my Balloon Building Guide to make a tetrahedron balloon.  Tape carefully.

My balloon guide’s rigging is for short flights in confined urban areas.  We’re going to use a different rigging for aerial photography.

One corner of the balloon is used for filling, and is tied off, like a trash bag.  A second corner is re-enforced, and a loop of tape attached.  To the tape is tied a short length of line.  The knot used is a** Bowline**.

Grassroots Mapping PDX 6/26/2010: Rigging a balloon for flight from mathew lippincott on Vimeo.

attach a swivel to the balloon so that any spinning won’t twist the line or the camera.