Grassroots Mapping PDX: flight images

I still haven’t stitched together a map from my helium flight on 7/9, but here are some great aerial photos:

From the solar balloon flights.  I really wish I could send these balloons above 150ft, as is RJ and I we only got shots of the beach.

/* rant

this is a great shot of me and robby kraft inflating a solar balloon on 7/27, taken by Samantha Mitchell.  We never got into the Sauve Island airspace though, the Sheriff told us to stop.  He was jovial, but wouldn’t give us a charge or cite what statute we were violating.  I actually had to chase him down and harangue him before he conceeded that he’d ticket us for “harassing wildlife.” The only wildlife we harassed was the pig tooling around in a pickup truck.  We had the decency to walk into the refuge on foot.


Helium Flight

I’ve got over 800 photos that need stitching from this one, my dad and I went to a little over 1000 ft on the beach at Seaside, OR.