Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

  • 2017.6-present, designing flight hardware, Head Full of Air LLC

Recent Positions

2011.3 Oregon Reach Code 712.11 Composting Toilets

2013-15 IAPMO UPC Green Supplement Composting Toilet Committee Chair

2015-17 ANSI WE Stand Composting Toilet Committee Chair


“2017 WE Stand Water Efficiency and Conservation Standard,” ANSI, Section 403.0, editor, published April 2018.

“Acquiring Data by Mining the Past: Pairing Communities with Environmental Monitoring Methods through Open Online Collaborative Replication,” American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Poster, Mathew Lippincott, Geoff Bland, Andy Henry, and David Bydlowski, December 2016.

Grassroots Mapping Forum #2-#5, #11, (semi-annual), editor issues 2-5, 2011-2014 & issue 11, 2016.

“Detritivore Design: How to use trash to create scalable solutions.” PBS MediaShift IdeaLab Blog - Mathew Lippincott, 30 May 2013.

“Mapping Grassroots: Geodata and the structure of community-led open environmental science.” Breen, J., Dosemagen, S., Warren, J., Lippincott, M. In ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, vol. 14(3).

“Accountability Technologies, Chapter: Civic, Citizen, and Grassroots Science: Towards a transformative scientific research model,” Accountability Technologies, with Shannon Dosemagen, Liz Barry, Jessica Breen, and Don Blair. MIT Press, 2013.

“Public Lab’s Keys to Developing Low-Cost Science Tools,” PBS MediaShift IdeaLab Blog - Mathew Lippincott and Adam Griffith, 22 May 2012.

“Technoscience as Activism,” Keynote with Shannon Dosemagen & Sara Wylie, RPI 2012.

Trade School Journal, New York: 2011. with the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science

“Grassroots Mapping and DIY Aerospace,” RAW: Geographies, Publication Studio, Portland: 2011.

“Why I made a Mutoscope,” Perfect Wave Magazine, Perfect Wave Gallery, New York: 2010.

“Mutoscope for Fernando,” Displacements, Obra Social Caja Madrid, Madrid: 2010.


2018.8 Tethered Aerosystems Working Group, Introducing Airpup

2016.8.18 2nd Annual Urine Diversion Summit, New Plumbing Code for Urine Diverting & Composting Toilet Systems

2015.7.22 New America Foundation, Ethics of Aerial Photography, with Shannon Dosemagen

2015.8.5 EPA Tech Demo Day, with Don Blair

2015.6.26 Open Source Bridge, Open Source Collaboration for Tackling Real World Environmental Problems, with Dana Bauer

2015.1.29 EPA Federal Community of Practice on Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science, Low Cost Instrumentation and Sensors for Citizen Science

2013.9 University College London with Shannon Dosemagen

2013.6 Computers, Freedom, & Privacy: Homegrown Drones, with Amie Stepanovich

2013.3 TEDxConcordia University Portland: Iconic Toilets

2013.3 LaPine Groundwater Committee: Performance Coding

2012.9 State of the Map USA: Grassroots Mapping and Open Streetmap

2012.9 Public Participation in Scientific Research, with Shannon Dosemagen

2012.8-10 Recode Oregon State Tour, 10 regional DEQ locations + testing labs & 20 community meetings

2012.8 Toorcamp: Grassroots Mapping

2012.6 RPI, Technoscience as Activism Keynote with Shannon Dosemagen & Sara Wylie 2012.4 Where 2.0: Grassroots Mapping

2012.3 SXSW with Shannon Dosemagen, Gregory Foster, and Jen Hudon

2012.3 Tx/Rx Labs- “Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science” With Shannon Dosemagen

2012.2 MobilityShifts with PHil Silva, Ed Keller, and Liz Barry

2012.1 PSU: Redesigning the Toilet, with Molly Danielsson

2011.11 Grassroots Mapping in Butte, at the National Affordable Housing Network 2010.10.3 Cyborg Camp PDX:Sanitation- A Problem of Scale

2010.9.27 WhereCamp PDX: DIY aerial mapping

2010.6-8 Gallery Homeland & Research Club: Grassroots Mapping Portland

2010.5.1 May Day with Right 2 Survive: Emergency Sanitation

2010.4.10 Research Club: the Future of Urban Sanitation

2009.7.2 Ignite Toorcamp: Development of the Modern Kite Balloon

2008.12.11 Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study: Aerospace & Artists

Exhibitions, 2006-Present

2018.6.30, Stormy Sled Kite Making Workshop, Cully Park opening, Portland, OR

2017.8.17-23 Boundary Layers at Guerilla ScienceOregon Eclipse Festival, Ochoco National Forest, OR

2014 (permanent) Beacon Food forest Signage, Seattle, WA

2014.1 Futurescapes City Tours, PSU & Recess Gallery, Portland, OR

2012.3.13 Constructive Interference, Emory University

2011.10.30 NW Permaculture Convergence, Portland, OR

2011.3.25 Trade School at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY Spectrometer Workshop, with the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science

2011.3.5 Reed Arts Week, Reed College, Portand, OR Grassroots Mapping and DIY Aerospace, workshop

2011.2, Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, Phoenix, AZ The Nitrogen Cycle, with Molly Danielsson

2010.4-12, Centrequatre, Paris, FR, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, ES, La Fabrica, Madrid, ES Mutoscope for Fernando, with Fenrnando Renes

2010.5.10, Grand Detour, Portland, OR TV Infant, 5-video loop installation

2010.5.10-6.01, AT1 Projects, Los Angeles, CA Cloacina Erzatz with Molly Danielsson 2009.4.4, Wild Garden, Brooklyn, NY California by Air, video loop

2009.3.27, Oekonux 4 conference, Manchester, UK Open Source Ecology’s New Solar Economy Map

2009.2.24, Arthurdesh, Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY moires and projectors, with Harry Gassel 2008.12.11, Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, Phildelphia, PA Bridging the Sky, performance

2008.8.30, Harbor Laboratory @ U-TURN, Copenhagen, DK olar Balloon flight with assistance from Parfyme and Adventure Squad!

2008.8.2, The Perfect Wave, Brooklyn, NY Precarious Spike inflatable sculpture

2007.12.5-8, Rush Arts Gallery @ Buena Vista Building, Miami, FL Classique by Rashaad Newsome, created with my editing program, VidGrid

2007.9.28, 111 Front St. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY ii-controller audio performance system for Rashaad Newsome

2007.4.15, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH For the Love of God by Tom Arsenault ive video collaboration with dancer troupe, novel electronic scoring system

2007.3.26, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brookyn, NY ive show of projections and feedback 2007.2.10, PLNY, Brooklyn, NY Shanghaied, 1:20 video

2006.10.20, Cakeshop, New York, NY xhibition of three modified television-projectors, with Angelblood

2006.5.19, 13 & Lovin’ It, Fisher Gallery, Oberin College, Oberlin OH hree-Projection exhibition of Zapruder Series 1-3

2006.4.27, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH Live video performance of collaboration with Harry Gassel, Harry’s Shapes

2006.4.20, Nautical Almanac Benefit Show, Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH ive Video Performance with Shopping Spree

Teaching Positions

2011, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Intermedia 362: Art and Science, Collaborative Design MFA mentor.

2007-2008, Harvestworks, NY Individual instruction in video production and Max, teaching assistant to Zachary Seldess.

2006-2008, Veritas Prep, NY Classroom instructor and tutor, GMAT preperation through formal logic.

2004-2006, Oberlin College, OH Tutor for formal logic, individual and group study.

2004, Boys & Girls Club, Framingham, MA Lead instructor for mixed classes ages 12-15, Massachusetts Department of Education pilot program in youth robotics.


CEWAS Water and Sanitation Program 2012

Oberlin College 2003-2006, BA Philosophy

Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts 2001-2003

Wellesley High School 2001, Gerald P. Murphy Humanities Award Recipient