2018.6.30, Cully Park opening, Portland, OR. Stormy Sled Kite Making Workshop

2017.8.17-23, Oregon Eclipse Festival, Ochoco National Forest, OR. Boundary Layers at Guerilla Science

2014 (permanent), Beacon Food Forest, Seattle, WA. Signage, with Molly Danielsson

2014.1, PSU & Recess Gallery, Portland, OR. Futurescapes City Tours

2012.3.13, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Constructive Interference with Molly Danielsson

2011.10.30, NW Permaculture Convergence, Portland, OR

2011.3.25, Trade School at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY. Spectrometer Workshop, with the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science

2011.3.5, Reed Arts Week, Reed College, Portand, OR. Grassroots Mapping and DIY Aerospace, workshop

2011.2, Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, Phoenix, AZ. The Nitrogen Cycle, with Molly Danielsson

2010.4-12, Centrequatre, Paris, FR. Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, ES, La Fabrica, Madrid, ES. Mutoscope for Fernando, with Fernando Renes

2010.5.10, Grand Detour, Portland, OR. TV Infant, 5-video loop installation

2010.5.10-6.01, AT1 Projects, Los Angeles, CA. Cloacina Erzatz with Molly Danielsson

2009.4.4, Wild Garden, Brooklyn, NY. California by Air, video loop

2009.3.27, Oekonux 4 conference, Manchester, UK. Open Source Ecology’s New Solar Economy Map

2009.2.24, Arthurdesh, Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY. moires and projectors, with Harry Gassel

2008.12.11, Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, Phildelphia, PA. Bridging the Sky, performance

2008.8.30, Harbor Laboratory @ U-TURN, Copenhagen, DK. Solar balloon flight with assistance from Parfyme and Adventure Squad!

2008.8.2, The Perfect Wave, Brooklyn, NY. Precarious Spike inflatable sculpture

2007.12.5-8, Rush Arts Gallery at the Buena Vista Building, Miami, FL. Classique by Rashaad Newsome, created with my editing program, VidGrid

2007.9.28, 111 Front St. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Wii-controller audio performance system for Rashaad Newsome

2007.4.15, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH. For the Love of God by Tom Arsenault, live video collaboration with dancer troupe, novel electronic scoring system

2007.3.26, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brookyn, NY. Live show of projections and feedback

2007.2.10, PLNY, Brooklyn, NY. Shanghaied, 1:20 video

2006.10.20, Cakeshop, New York, NY. Exhibition of three modified television-projectors, with Angelblood

2006.5.19, 13 & Lovin’ It, Fisher Gallery, Oberin College, Oberlin OH. Three-Projection exhibition of Zapruder Series 1-3

2006.4.27, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH Live video performance of collaboration with Harry Gassel, Harry’s Shapes

2006.4.20, Nautical Almanac Benefit Show, Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH. Live Video Performance with Shopping Spree