Airpup at the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival

Airpup joined the phenomenal show of kites at the 2018 Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival. It was an opportunity to practice aerial videography, and also to fly in winds above 20mph, testing Airpup’s stability and durability.

Back Airpup on Crowd Supply.

Colleen Donaldson and I hit the beach, she did videography and photography from the ground while I walked Airpup around. I edited the video together so you can see how Airpup is manuevered:

Then I put a Kestrel 5500 weather station on Airpup to record the wind speed at Airpup. I synched 30-second averages of wind speed with this video:

While Airpup seemed stable and ready for higher winds, it was hard to grip the line with gloves. I’ll have to test to 30mph+ with some thicker line and maybe a winch.

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