2021.4.10. CBS, Creative Circuits, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca. Season 7, Episode 166 URL

2018.8 Tethered Aerosystems Working Group, Introducing Airpup

2016.8.18 2nd Annual Urine Diversion Summit, New Plumbing Code for Urine Diverting & Composting Toilet Systems

2015.7.22 New America Foundation, Ethics of Aerial Photography, with Shannon Dosemagen

2015.8.5 EPA Tech Demo Day, with Don Blair

2015.6.26 Open Source Bridge, Open Source Collaboration for Tackling Real World Environmental Problems, with Dana Bauer

2015.1.29 EPA Federal Community of Practice on Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science, Low Cost Instrumentation and Sensors for Citizen Science

2013.9 University College London with Shannon Dosemagen

2013.6 Computers, Freedom, & Privacy: Homegrown Drones, with Amie Stepanovich

2013.3 TEDxConcordia University Portland: Iconic Toilets

2013.3 LaPine Groundwater Committee: Performance Coding

2012.9 State of the Map USA: Grassroots Mapping and Open Streetmap

2012.9 Public Participation in Scientific Research, with Shannon Dosemagen

2012.8-10 Recode Oregon State Tour, 10 regional DEQ locations + testing labs & 20 community meetings

2012.8 Toorcamp: Grassroots Mapping

2012.6 RPI, Technoscience as Activism Keynote with Shannon Dosemagen & Sara Wylie 2012.4 Where 2.0: Grassroots Mapping

2012.3 SXSW with Shannon Dosemagen, Gregory Foster, and Jen Hudon

2012.3 Tx/Rx Labs- “Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science” With Shannon Dosemagen

2012.2 MobilityShifts with PHil Silva, Ed Keller, and Liz Barry

2012.1 PSU: Redesigning the Toilet, with Molly Danielsson

2011.11 Grassroots Mapping in Butte, at the National Affordable Housing Network 2010.10.3 Cyborg Camp PDX:Sanitation- A Problem of Scale

2010.9.27 WhereCamp PDX: DIY aerial mapping

2010.6-8 Gallery Homeland & Research Club: Grassroots Mapping Portland

2010.5.1 May Day with Right 2 Survive: Emergency Sanitation

2010.4.10 Research Club: the Future of Urban Sanitation

2009.7.2 Ignite Toorcamp: Development of the Modern Kite Balloon

2008.12.11 Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study: Aerospace & Artists