DJI Pocket 2 for Kite Aerial Photography

I’ve recently taken three flights using the DJI Pocket 2 with WiFi dongle for aerial photography, conducting two short flights on Airpup and another brief fl...

Airpup production patterns

Final plans for the production Airpup design are now available on Github, released as open hardware under the CERN Open Hardware Licence.

Helium Supplier Map Built on uMap & OSM

With the pandemic in full swing, helium is rather expensive and has been difficult to get. I’ve therefore been keeping track of suppliers and their offerings...

Event videography with Airpup

Flying Airpup at events is fun and garners a warm response. People notice Airpup and smile, then go back to what they were doing. The curious follow Airpup’s...

Airpup repository on Github

On Github you’ll find Airpup’s repository of 2D patterns for construction as well as a corresponding 3D model.

What is a kite balloon?

Kite balloons are balloons that fly like kites, and they were the first reliable way to fly and land in the same place.

Out and about with Airpup

I’ve been out flying the full-size Airpup and tweaking the rigging over the past two months. Below are some of the photos and videos I’ve been taking.

Introducing Airpup

Airpup is small for a balloon, because Airpup is a kite balloon. Airpup sips helium and eats high winds. Back Airpup on Crowd Supply.