bigger kite banners

This tutorial details a fairly quick and inexpensive method for creating big banners to fly from a kite.

DJI Pocket 2 for Kite Aerial Photography

I’ve recently taken three flights using the DJI Pocket 2 with WiFi dongle for aerial photography, conducting two short flights on Airpup and another brief fl...

Airpup production patterns

Final plans for the production Airpup design are now available on Github, released as open hardware under the CERN Open Hardware Licence.

Event videography with Airpup

Flying Airpup at events is fun and garners a warm response. People notice Airpup and smile, then go back to what they were doing. The curious follow Airpup’s...

Airpup repository on Github

On Github you’ll find Airpup’s repository of 2D patterns for construction as well as a corresponding 3D model.

What is a kite balloon?

Kite balloons are balloons that fly like kites, and they were the first reliable way to fly and land in the same place.

Out and about with Airpup

I’ve been out flying the full-size Airpup and tweaking the rigging over the past two months. Below are some of the photos and videos I’ve been taking.

Introducing Airpup

Airpup is small for a balloon, because Airpup is a kite balloon. Airpup sips helium and eats high winds. Back Airpup on Crowd Supply.

Detroit Kite Festival

I went to the Detroit Kite Festival with Colleen Donaldson and we had a blast! The organizers pulled off a wonderful and inclusive festival complete with a h...

Detroit Kite Festival aerial photos

While at the Detroit Kite Festival I captured some aerial photos with my Canon S100 running CHDK, installed with STICK. It flew on the always-reliable KAPte...

Cully Park Kite Party report back

On June 30th I held a workshop making Sled kites at the Grand Opening of Cully Park. We made close to 80 kites in 3.5 hours. The design is the Stormy Sled, n...

Cully Park Kite Party

Join a kitemaking and flying party at the Grand Opening of Cully Park in Portland, OR on June 30th, from noon-4pm.

kite anemometers

Written with Ecta64. Archived 4th of March 2018 from Kite anemometers on this site, and on Github.

notes on assembling the Aerobie Rig

I purchased an Aerobee rig from the KAPtery because I’m real excited about the Jerk Pan mechanism. Our unpredictable late spring rains (its still spring in...

outlining needed kite tutorials

Glenn Davison has answered many of the questions below in the AKA guide to kite flying. I’ve archived the discussion for all its notes and camera-specific co...

DIY mini kite kit first flight

Background Inspired by @PatCoyle’s look at small, cheap parafoil kites for mapping, I’ve been looking for a stable, sparless kite that could lift a small cam...

My summer, generalizations only.

Its been so long since an update.  I Spent my summer between Switzerland, studying sanitation with Cewas and Butte, Montana working on community mapping in C...

Topographic maps from fled kites

I just started building fled kites, but my fellow Grassroots Mapper Nathan Craig is already doing 3D topographic scans with them. ** He’s using **AgiSoft’s P...

Kite Fishing in Indonesia & Melanesia

Traditional Kite fishing in Indonesia, using the motion of a kite to give bait a constant motion. ** A little more history here**. I think this is the one of...

Aerospace at Toorcamp

Several amateurs played in aerospace around Toorcamp, and many more space lovers and hobbiests were present. JonM from Hackerbot, who is one of the leads on ...